Lake District, England

The Lake District hills offer a constant 360-degree view on a unique landscape, shaped by 500 million years of geological processes. For this journey we’ve selected the cream of the crop: some beautiful U-shaped valleys that we reach through sustained ascents and exhilarating descents, checking off stunning summits on the way. Without a doubt, these are real mountains, and the Atlantic Coast being a stone’s throw away, you can expect a true adventure! One must not be afraid of a bit of rain or wind, although when the sun comes out and casts shadows on the surrounding hills, magic happens. As the day comes to an end, enjoy your endorphine kick or local cask ale at a 300-year old pub, and watch lambs jumping around at sunset.


LEVEL: Adventure (10-20 km + 500-1000 m per day)

DURATION: 7 days, 7 nights

DATES: June 30 to July 6, 2018

PRICE: $2055, double occ. (+ $380 for single occ.)

Also available as a customized holiday, contact us to pick your dates.

Peneda-Gerês, Portugal

The only national park in Portugal is named after two massifs (Peneda and Gerês) that meet in the far north of the country. This unique landscape is part of UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves. Lush forests, refreshing waterfalls, wild horses, and granite tops punctuate our journey in these incomparable mountains where time seems to stand still. Our circuit is dotted with several ruins – castles, monasteries, and shrines – that have blended with the landscape for centuries. Local hospitality is unmatched, while dishes that never cease to appear on the table at night are for sure the secret of optimal recovery! Our local guide, ultrarunner Carlos Sá, is a well-known athlete in Portugal and internationally. This is your chance to discover a country and its history with one of its best ambassadors.


LEVEL: Adventure (10-20 km + 500-1000 m per day)

DURATION: 7 days, 6 nights

DATES: September 30 to October 6, 2018

PRICE: $2680, double occ. (+ $390 for single occ.)

Dalmatia, Croatia - Road trip

Croatia is known for its endless string of islands (over 1,100!) along the Adriatic Coast. On a road trip and thanks to Croatia’s excellent ferry network, we explore some of the prettiest : Brač, Hvar, and Korčula. We also stop by the Pelješac peninsula, wine paradise, and the area of Omis, a must for outdoor enthusiasts. Our driver takes us wherever we want to run and greets us at the other end of the trail. During leisure time, feel free to swim in the Adriatic, nap in the shade or visit the many historical sites that we encounter on route. In the evening, explore amazing cities before sitting down to sample a black risotto and a glass (or two) of local Malvazija. After all, you’re on vacation…


LEVEL: Adventure (10-20 km + 500-1000 m per day)

DURATION: 8 days, 7 nights

DATES: September 16 to 23, 2018

PRICE: $2660, double occ. (+ $590 for single occ.)

Sierra Norte de Oaxaca, Mexico

Start off with discovering the amazing Oaxaca City with its rich colonial heritage. Then, allow yourself to be carried away by the stunning scenery and clean air of Sierra Norte de Oaxaca, a splendid massif covered with mature, native forests that are remarkably well-preserved. For more than a century now, eight indigenous communities have lived and worked together in harmony in this area under a unique system of “pueblos mancomunados” (literally meaning: “joint villages”). This inspiring socioeconomic model, in which private property does not exist, promotes sustainable management of natural resources and the protection of ancestral traditions. The paths linking these high-perched villages will be our playground and we will invariably receive a warm welcome from the local people, who participate to our expedition in various ways. Trail running as an excuse for going on an adventure is exactly that!


Stroll Level: February 24 to March 1, 2018

Adventure Level: March 3 to 8, 2018

DURATION: 6 days, 5 nights

PRICE: $1260, double occ. + 3-8 bed huts

Tour du Mont-Blanc: France, Italy, Switzerland

There is no doubt that UTMB is the most popular trail running race. The 2017 edition brought together the greatest athletes of our time and resulted in the victory of François D’Haene, ahead of Kilian Jornet, second. This mythical circuit is however not the privilege of elite runners. For more than a century, hikers have walked the paths that surround Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe. In this tour, we give you the opportunity to run these trails – although we might walk on a few long climbs and technical sections. As we move from France to Italy, and from Italy to Switzerland, you will discover the culture and gastronomy of each region, animated by this same love of the mountain.


LEVEL: Endurance (over 20 km + 1000 m per day)

DURATION: 7 days, 5 nights

DATES: June 10 to 16, 2018

PRICE: $2570, dorms and 3-4 bed rooms

Future Adventures

We’re currently working on these:

  • Gaspésie (effort level: adventure)
  • Rota Vicentina, Portugal (effort level: adventure)



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