Espaces, April 6, 2018

Mexique: Explorer la Sierra Norte en course en sentier
By: Vincent Champagne


La Presse+, August 16, 2017

Voyager au pas de course
By: Marie Tison


Géo Plein Air, March 23, 2017

Cette agence québécoise vous propose de voyager tout en courant
By: Editorial Staff


Espaces, March 10, 2017

Nomade Actif: voyager pour courir
By: Antoine Stab


Great trip. Very well organized. Beautiful mountain running combined with interesting cultural activities!

Marie-Hélène, participant
Sierra Norte de Oaxaca (Mexico), March 2018


Unforgettable trip! I keep nagging my friends to join in on the next one!

Martin, participant
Sierra Norte de Oaxaca (Mexico), March 2018


Impeccable in every aspect. Pre-trip preparation was thoughtful and complete. On-site, the local guide was very knowledgeable, informative, and attentive. He adjusted our outings to the weather (it was very hot!) and his pace to ours. And as we were feeling well and he had an impeccable knowledge of the terrain, we were able to lengthen some of our outings, much to our delight. I would repeat the experience, there or elsewhere, without the slightest hesitation.

Jean-François, participant
Lake District (England), July 2018


Everything was done with much professionalism. Great choice of site, courses, and complementary activities. Nice balance between sport and culture. Respect for each runner's abilities. Group activities and free time were well balanced. You can sense that the organizers are experienced.

Vincent, participant
Sierra Norte de Oaxaca (Mexico), March 2018


Our guide paid attention to our fitness levels and he adapted to our speed on terrain variations. He constantly shared his knowledge of the environment. He was friendly, courteous, punctual. Lake District is a must. I would like to go back one day.

Michelle, participant
Lake District (England), July 2018


We just came back from a trip on the Fishermen's Trail in Portugal and it was wonderful! The landscape was breathtaking! The preparation and organization of the trip went well. The people that were in charge of us have lived up to our expectations and even more. The places we slept at were well chosen. The luggage transfers and the shuttle service worked well! Definitely one of the most beautiful trail running trips we've done and we recommend it to everyone. Nomade Actif is a company you can rely on for planning this type of trip! Thank you.

Anne and Jean-François, participants
Fishermen’s Trail (Portugal), November 2018


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