Trail running is the perfect excuse to explore new territory and experience adventure with a capital A!

Combining our expertise in adventure travel and our passion for trail running, we offer holidays for those who enjoy being active in extraordinary landscapes. Forget performance goals. Just put on your running shoes and enjoy connecting with nature, knowing that everything has been carefully planned, from luggage transfer to professional guidance.

Two ways of traveling with us
– Group holidays for 6 to 14 runners
– Customized holidays for private groups and independent travelers

Three effort levels
On our excursions, we run or walk, depending on inclination and type of trail. Along the way, we take breaks to eat a bite, take a picture or just soak up the moment. In trail running, speed is secondary and the sheer joy of exploring is the priority!

Distance: 5-10 km/day
Elevation gain: 0-500 m/day
Terrain: Hills

Distance: 10-20 km/day
Elevation gain: 500-1000 m/day
Terrain: Hills or mountains

Distance: Over 20 km/day
Elevation gain: Over 1000 m/day
Terrain: Mountains, up to subalpine and alpine zones

Our philosophy:
Professional guides, specialized in adventure travel and trail running
Carefully planned itineraries, where nothing is left to chance
Cultural immersion with local guides and athletes who know their country like no one else
Nutritious food and comfortable accommodation for optimal recovery
Run to explore the world!

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